After years of struggling w digestive issues which included taking Zantac daily for months, changing my diet and going to many doctors who always suggested Zantac type drugs, changing my diet or saying it was "nerves" I found RELIEF in homeopathic medicine.  It was when menopause hit and I was having over twenty five hot flashes per night , no sleep, and digestive issues that I was at my wits end. Lucky for me I found Lucinda Sayre, homeopathic practitioner! I have been on a remedy for a year now and I want to tell everyone I know how much better all of my "ailments" are! No more nausea all day, no more Zantac, and a very manageable five or so hot flashes per night ! Lucinda is warm, caring and very knowledgeable in her field. Why suffer?

Lucinda Sayre CMT, CTHom

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