Compassionate curiosity

Compassionate Curiosity is a perspective. It draws us from our involvement in repeating habitual patterns of misperception to a place of inner peace and expansion. This internal perception combines our curiosity to understand our lives with the compassion to explore with an open and gentle heart / mind

I recently read a book by Temple Grandin called
Animals Make Us Human. In it she describes that one of the most pleasurable and natural states for any mammal is to be in seeking mode. In other words, we are happiest and most content when we get to explore and investigate our world. Our minds are constantly on the move asking “what’s next?”. Some spiritual teachings call this monkey mind.

Unfortunately, our
monkey mind will often, out of habit, gravitate towards certain types of thinking. Sometimes we dwell on fear -False Evidence Appearing Real- the what if type of thought. Sometimes we cling to regret- the if only types of thought. And sometimes the mind is just plain in the wee hours of the morning when we are unable to sleep...planning and calculating.

Usually, we are not aware of what our mind is busy is just there in the background doing its thing while we live our lives. However, if we have some awareness, we can hear recurring themes to our thoughts. Those themes create
our story - what we tell ourselves about ourselves and about our world. The purpose of the story is to perpetuate the story. Funny, huh? But it keeps us treading water...feeling as if we are not getting anywhere. Life seems to have no meaning.

Too often we head immediately into a dead end...“there must be something wrong with me”. (Here I would recommend the book
There Is Nothing Wrong With You by Cheri Hube. It was a huge influence on my discovery of compassionate curiosity.) Now what??

In that moment - when we find ourselves again in
our story - the slightest willingness to see the situation or ourselves differently brings about a shift. This is what the Course in Miracles refers to as “the miracle.” It is that moment when we realize it does not have to be like this. We say to ourselves, “I could see this situation differently and choose a different path.”

Compassionate Curiosity is the path of gentleness towards ourselves and towards our
story. With a kind, inquiring attitude, we opens doors. With curiosity, there are no dead ends and with compassion, there is no judgment. Openness and acceptance...that is compassionate curiosity.

Lucinda Sayre CMT, CTHom

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