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Lucinda Sayre CMT, CTHom is a Certified Massage Therapist and a Certified Trained Homeopath. She has practiced massage therapy since 1992, helping her clients release tension and improve their health as well as their outlooks on life.

She has been a teacher of
Transcendental Meditation (TM) since 1978 and has been practicing TM since 1972. After graduating college in 1975 in Sociology and Anthropology and exploring further education in Landscape Architecture at Cornell University she moved to Lake Tahoe to continue her play with horticulture and the outdoors.

She worked in the nursery business at the Lake from 1980-2000 in sales, landscape design and garden installation. Her passion for the outdoors and plants along with her desire to assist others with their healing evolved into an exploration and fascination with homeopathy.

Lucinda attended the Resonance School of Homeopathy in Reno, NV and was certified as a Certified Trained Homeopath (CTHom) in 2010. In her practice, she supports and encourages clients who are interested in healing from the inside out. Using her approach, which she describes as “compassionate curiosity”, Lucinda helps clients see their own internal landscape more clearly and identify what’s asking to be healed. She then applies the principles of Classical Homeopathy and prescribes the appropriate homeopathic remedy to inspire their healing.

She lives at Lake Tahoe with her husband Jim and their dog Paco. She loves art and painting as well as cross country skiing, biking and hiking.

You can contact Lucinda by sending an email to:
lucinda@compassionatecuriosity.com or by calling 530-320-9456

Lucinda Sayre CMT, CTHom

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